Life After Warner, 2014

Life After Warner, 2014 Design by James Smith
Life After Warner

Discover what happened to the Warner House after the passing of Jonathan Warner.   Who were his beneficiaries in his will?  Learn how people coped with grief in the 19th century.  Faced with the devastating aftermath of the Christmas Eve fire of 1813, what was happening to Portsmouth?  This season, the Warner House will mark the 200th anniversary of Warner's death with programs, events and the Last of the Cocked Hats lecture series that will illuminate the time period, the city, and the family as they handle life after Warner.  Click here for the Calendar of Events.  

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  • Winter 2014
    The Warner House is closed for the season.  Thank you to all who visited and supported the house in 2013.  Follow the Warner House on Facebook to keep up with the latest news for 2014 and to write a review of your visit.  To schedule an off-season tour, please give advanced notice by either e-mailing (click here) or by calling (603) 436 - 5909.
  • 82nd Season of The Warner House, 2014