Members' Party

Please join us for the annual Warner House Members' Party This Friday, June 23, 2017 From 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Kerry Vautrot and James Taylor of the Building & Grounds Committee will present the completed work of the LCHIP project. Please join us to thank them for their efforts with this endeavor. This year the band Penhallow will provide entertainment.  Penhallow has kindly donated their time and talents for this event. We encourage you to support them by making a donation to the band on Friday evening.  Light refreshments will be served.    

4th Annual Costumed Tea

4th Annual Costumed Tea Market Square Day at the Warner House is this Saturday June 10, 2017, 12:00-3:00. Captain Archibald and his Lady Sarah Wentworth Macpheadris invite you to join them for an afternoon entertainment celebrating the ongoing 300th anniversary of the construction of their grand house.   To commemorate this event, we have set the principal rooms at a gastronomic moment in history—evening dining from 1720s-1910s —business repasts of the early and late 18th century.   To enhance your experience, garments laden with stories—such as ladies shoes and dresses, and even Jonathan Warner’s plum-red coat and vest—will be laid out in the rooms in anticipation of its wearer’s return.   At 2 PM, members of the Royal Scottish Country Dancers will perform simple dances for your edification and ask you to join them.   There will be light refreshments and croquet. Rumor has it that several guests have created new fashions for this event. Please join us for this special year with the house appointed to entertain you as it has for countless past guests.   Please join us for this annual fete as we open our doors to the public to enjoy the 1st floor of the house and the gardens. Admission is free.

Gallery Talk with Martha Pinello

Please join us on Thurdsay June 8, 2017 at 5:30 for an archaeology gallery talk with Martha Pinello Martha Pinello Principal Investigator for Monadnock Archaeological Consulting will lead a gallery tour on June 8. Pinello led the archaeological excavations in the 1990s and serves on the Warner House Association board of governors and curatorial committee. The gallery tour will include an exploration as to why massive amounts of household debris were dumped in the bulkhead, an out building and near a kitchen addition. The gallery tour will also include a discussion of changes in the landscape at the Warner House from pre-European Contact Period to the present day.   This event is free.