Eighteenth Century Silks at the Warner House

Eighteenth Century Silks at the Warner House Please join us on  Thursday July 13, 2017 at 5:30 PM at The Warner House 150 Daniel Street Portsmouth, NH 03801 Curator Sandra Rux will talk about the eighteenth century silk garments in the Warner House collection. Although there are only five of these, they represent a diverse group of high end imported silk fabrics. From the Polly Warner christening fabric wrap of approximately 1720 (even thought she was born in 1749; the fabric  was probably from her mother’s childhood) to the 1770s waistcoats belonging  to Jonathan Warner and the remade 1770s dress said to have belonged to Frances Deering Wentworth, they tell a story of upper class life in Portsmouth. Ms. Rux will discuss how the fabrics were made—woven brocade vs. embroidery; French vs. English design— and the looms used for weaving these fabrics. Portraits of Sarah Wentworth Macpheadris Jaffrey and Mary Macpheadris Warner and the Warner gentlemen show how the garments looked when worn. Come to learn to learn more about these fascinating fabrics.   Admission is free and no response is required