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iving with George Jaffrey, Sarah most likely rented the Warner House until 1741 when Sarah's brother, RRoyal Governor Benning Wentworth, brother of Sarah Macpheadris Jaffrey. </br>[i]Detail[/i]oyal Governor Benning Wentworth (1696 - 1770) moved into the brick mansion on Daniel Street with his wife Abigail and three sons.  Using the Warner House as the Governor's Mansion, Gov. Wentworth attempted several times to convince the Provincial Assembly to purchase the property as an official residence.  Each time, however, the Assembly's offer was considerably below Sarah's asking price, and eventually, Gov. Wentworth removed to his country seat at Little Harbor, an estate on the outskirts of Portsmouth that he had been enlarging since 1753.  Purportedly, Gov. Benning never paid rent to his sister or niece and when he left, there were several broken windows at the Warner house.


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