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fter Jonathan Warner's death, the Warner House passed to his niece Elizabeth Warner Sherburne (1767 - 1846) and her son John Nathaniel Sherburne (1793 - 1859).  Elizabeth was the daughter of Jonathan's younger brother, Capt. Samuel Warner and his wife Elizabeth Wentworth.  Most likely Elizabeth and her son were living in the Warner House since 1794 following the death of her husband Nathaniel Sherburne, a victim of yellow fever.

In a newly renovated front parlor (now known as the Reception Room), John Nathaniel married Eveline Blunt in 1822.  John Nathaniel was a hardware merchant, and after the marriage, he partnered with his brother-in-law John Blunt.  The hardware shop was located on the corner of Market and Ladd streets, the continuous site of many Porstsmouth hardware stores up until the early 21st century.  Unfortunately, the firm of Sherburne & Blunt proved unsuccessful in the hardware business, and by 1828, the creditors were after their money and suing John Nathaniel Sherbunre for any assets like the Warner House.  He was alo in debt to his mother, Elizabeth, after using his share of the Warner House as collateral for a loan.  Now, Elizabeth would add herself to the long line of litigants as she was also suing her son.  Most likely this was a shrewd business move by Elizabth to keep the Warner Estate away from the onslaught of creditors, and it worked.  Elizabeth received the estate in its entirety by September 1828, and within a month, she wrote out a will leaving all of her property to her six grandchildren:  Elizabeth (Betsy), Eleanor (Nell), Charles, Nathaniel, John (Pitts), and Eveyln (Evvy).  In the 1850 census, there were eleven family members living in the Warner House spanning three generations.


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