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ldest child, Elizabeth "Betsy" Warner Pitts Sherburne married Capt. Pearce Penhallow at St. John's Church in 1845.  They had four sons.  Pearce had gone to sea at a very early age, serving in ships active in the cotton trade between the United States and England. He rose quickly to the rank of captain. In 1854, he commanded The Sierra Nevada, the largest clipper ship yet built in Portsmouth.  After lengthy litigation regarding the Sierra Nevada, a case that he and the ship's owners eventually won, Pearce went into the business of the fire and marine insurance.  The Penhallows spent several years in England twice before settling in Boston in 1868.

After the death of Betsy's father John Nathaniel Sherburne in 1859, the remaining heirs sold the Warner House to Pearce.  When the family finally returned stateside, the Warner House was the summer home for the extended family.


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